The Moscow Region businessmen are confronted by new challenges over again

The Social Council attached to the Commissioner for the Protection of the Entrepreneur's Rights in the Moscow Region had summed up the 2019 year's results of work. At the workshop, that took place in Moscow Region Duma, the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev noted that over 1800 businessmen applied for the support and protection their rights last year. Most complaints, however, relate to law enforcement, administrative obstacles, the non-payment of municipal contracts, property and land management. Among other concerns raised, an issue of obligatory products labeling was suggested at the meeting. Product marking was implemented in Russia on a pilot basis in 2016.

This system was actually developed with the assistance of the Federal Tax Service of Russian Federation and had been extended to fur products initially. The introduction of goods labeling aims to prevent an illicit products entry and trafficking, total forgery elimination and quality assurance of proposed goods for consumers. The most part of the market was withdrawed thereby from illegal circulation by December 2018. The mandatory labeling does apply to tobacco and footwear since 1st Yuly of 2019 and will further be distributed at full range of products by 2024 year. Many entrepreneurs have encountered difficulties since the marking input prices for each unit of product is 50 penny without VAT, and indeed, requires an additional equipment, internet and specialised operators access.    In addition, various software products used for business nedeed to be further improved at the seller's expense which could lead to increased of product's cost. 

    Having understand the current situation and the number of outstanding issues, we intend to address a letter to the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Entrepreneur's Rights Titov B. U. We expect that reimbursement of labeling equipment will be made promptly, at least partly for business. In that regard, we look forward to the successful outcome of this issue as in the case of cash register equipment- commented on Vladimir Golovnev. 

Автор: OS, YM
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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