Vladimir Golovnev: “ The most important thing is to find a balance between quarantine restrictions and small and medium business supporting measures”.

    According to the words of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Entrepreneur's Rights in the Moscow Region Vladimir Golovnev, well considered decisions of region and municipal authorities, when global crisis occurs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, would allow to survive the successful enterprises during the delay period enforced. The economy should also be recuperate as fast as pandemic will go on recession

   The Moscow Region Commissioner's public receptions, that operate 24 hours a day, promptly collect and analyze the situation in Moscow Region municipalities. This allows to draft concrete proposals for small and medium business supporting in Moscow Region. Based on information collected, these proposals have been already prepared, taking into account what the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has said on April 8th 2020 year.

    "Today we use every available resource to study the situation in depth and provide emergency assistance to business with necessary information. The Commissioner's Office has become a remote headquarters for information accumulated from entrepreneurs directly and from 37 public receptions of 49 Moscow Region urban districts. We keep in touch with entrepreneurs by telephone, by email and by social networks. Our representatives are included in operational headquarters by head of municipalities, join them on-air. We are currently screening entrepreneurs of various sectors for their concerns.

     Having based on that and on the applications received, we have developed extra supporting measures for small and medium business to further direction to the region government. Besides, we deal with business appeals daily, the number of them has multiplied in last two weeks. Just for the current week we have received over 300 complaints from Ramenskoe and Bronnitsi urban districts intermunicipal public reception. "- informed the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev.

    Most often the entrepreneurs need assistance in following issues:

- which enterprises can be supported by the State.

- how to process and apply documents properly.

- how to save jobs and staff members.

   According to Vladimir Golovnev, the situation is much difficult today, but "it is worth to work with", if we would operate systematically, collectively and comprehensively. The Moscow Region Goverment makes every effort to mitigate for business the impact of the cool down enforced, guided by the federal and regional legislation.

    "It is worth to remember every restriction should be compensated by equally supporting measure anyway.

    Such as non-food shops and malls are clearly on the edge of failure if no any emergency rescue will be provided.

    However, if the pandemic situation worsened, farmers could not save either livestock or harvest due to movement restrictions.

    Thus, all the proposals should aim to overcome such a difficult period as comfortable as possible in next 6 months. "- clarified the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev.

    Up to 80% of respondents believe the main problem is a sharp drop in customer demand. The second place is the companies unprofitable in next tax period. The entrepreneurs refer to the rent and utility issues, the contract obligations breaches, the imported equipment increasing costs or its volume limitation. Less frequently mentioned the issue of supervision monitor, state and municipal procurement non-payment.

    "The main purpose is to reveal the most important system problems for further algorithm development to recommend that for business activity.

    Once again I appeal to entrepreneurs sharing their success anti-crisis examples to business community instead of going inside to isolate. "-said Vladimir Golovnev.

    Such good examples exist in Moscow Region.

    Thus, based on current demand, some entities and individual entrepreneurs change their activities by notifying the Tax Office. They use contactless delivery.

    " The measures prepared to support small and medium business would be publicized on April 9th during a workshop that would be held by Presidential Authorized Representative in Central Federal District with further direction to the Moscow Region Goverment." - informed Vladimir Golovnev.

    It should be reminded, the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, having addressed the message to citizens on April 8th 2020 year, has directed the Government of the Russian Federation and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to prepare a set of measures for business and residents supporting.

    The President had underlined the importance of these proposals for business to save their activities, jobs and staff incomes. Vladimir Putin noted that the State will assist, in particular, these enterprises, that keep the staff employed.

    Because of the higher risk, the specific list of entities should stop their activities will be set up, the rest will continue to work.

    The President suggested to delay the payment to social funds for small and medium business up to 6 months. The debt, divided into equal parts, should be paid monthly during the year from the deferment time.

    The Head of the State excluded the cargo and transport communication closure, as that would lead to irreparable consequences and may shut down the economy.

According to President's words, all the enterprises should carefully return to the work schedule, in compliance with the conditions created.

    The Head of the State Vladimir Putin encouraged the region authorities get into every entity's problem, provide its uninterrupted work, assists the staff being employed as well as every concern be resolved.

    In addition, the credit vacation program will be expanded to provide more individuals take advantage.

    Those individual considered as unemployed and granted with benefits for children 3-7 years, do not take into account the previous year incomes.

Unemployment benefits are granted in April, May and June to all individuals addressed to Employment Service since the March 1st. The allowance amount is set of one minimum wage - 12 130 rubles.

    In addition, the President Vladimir Putin suggested to extend automatically all the documents during self-isolation period, including passports, driving licenses and other.

    "Dear friends! Everything runs, and that will pass too. Our nation has been passed through various challenges many times: the Pechenegs and the Polovtsy plagued and tormented our country- Russia worked out and managed all of this challenges. Together we can get over this coronavirus disease inevitably! "-concluded his statement the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. 

Автор: OS, YM
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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