The Moscow Region Business Ombudsman congratulated entrepreneurs on the Day of Knowledge.

On September 1st, the Day of Knowledge is celebrated in Russia. Although it is not a day off, many parents of primary school students take time off to take their children to school, and celebrations are held in schools. 

The Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Moscow Region, Vladimir Golovnev, considers the first day of autumn to be a landmark for the entire business community.

"The Day of Knowledge for each of us remains a warm, exciting holiday in a special way. New meetings, new knowledge, first victories, achievements, ups and downs are waiting ahead. After all, this is the way life experience appears.

We - parents, teachers, mentors - most of all want every child to become not only a decent, educated person, but also a real professional in the chosen business", says the Moscow Business Ombudsman.

– There is a special category of people – entrepreneurs. Those who have chosen business, study all their lives, master new competencies, learn advertising and sales techniques, apply innovative technologies.

The Institute of Commissioners for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs also takes an active part in this process. Conducts a series of informational and educational events at the federal level, in regions and municipalities, so that representatives of the business community can get specific explanations on topical issues of changing regulatory and legal practice, ask any questions and get a competent answers.

With the help of experts, we look for answers to the most important questions and find ways out of difficult situations. Entrepreneurs, lawyers, representatives of regulatory and supervisory authorities gather "at one desk" at these seminars and webinars. Together we learn how to avoid mistakes and defend our legal rights.

Starting this academic year, business classes are being created in schools of Moscow Region, where children will be offered an in-depth study of entrepreneurship, including students will be taught how to start their own business, how to create business plans and will be introduced to successfully implemented projects. Entrepreneurial classes are being opened in 200 schools in the region.

In addition, extracurricular activities will be supplemented with five new areas – mathematics, scratch programming, Python and Java programming languages, entrepreneurial or financial literacy, solving Olympiad problems. Since 2022 year it is planned to introduce new directions in a thousand schools  Moscow Region.

Автор: OS,YM
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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