A businessman from Stupino urban district had exercised his right to purchase a leased premises.

    The Commissioner for the Protection of the Entrepreneur's Rights 

in the Moscow Region Vladimir Golovnev received a request from CEO of LLC to consider the issue of priority to purchase a rented non-residential premises.

    According to the businessman's appeal, it followed that the lease agreement for the non-residential premises of the Yunost cinema, concluded between the Property Management Committee of the Stupino municipal district and the Limited Liability Company, was first signed by the parties back in 2005, and had been repeatedly extended subsequently. In particular, the last contract was concluded in 2009. Having used this building for a long time, an applicant submitted for the implementation of his priority right to purchase the leased premises.  However, the applicant received a reasoned refusal from the administration.  After that, the tenant drafted and filed a suit with the court.

    Despite the fact that in 2016 the court ordered the defendant to exercise the entrepreneur's right to buy the rented premises, there still no progress in this case for two years.

    In 2018, the second decision of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region was adopted in another case, which resolved the disagreement on the case of real estate purchase and sale agreement.  As a result, in 2019, on the basis of court decisions, the property was registered to a Limited Liability Company.  However, the issue of acquiring the land when the property is located remained unresolved throughout 2019 year.

    With participation of the Moscow Region Center for Construction's Assistance  and the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev,  the working group meetings were held on the issue of ownership registration for building and land. 

     “The Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office had to join the consideration of situation, with checking the counter-arguments and arguments of the opponents.  Based on the results of the check, a letter from the Stupino  Prosecutor's Office was forwarded to the administration with appropriate explanations in favor of the well-reasoned claims of the entrepreneur”, said the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev.

      “In addition, the staff of the Ombudsman's Office, as a third party, took part in the court hearings devoted to the consideration of the case on reclaiming the building of the cinema from the possession of the Limited Liability Company”.

    As a result, the decision of the Moscow Region Arbitration Court on the claim of the Stupino administration on reclaiming from the property possession and termination its off the Company's ownership  was denied.

     "On the basis of the entrepreneur's legal right implementation and based on the Article 3 of the Federal Law “On the Specifics of Alienation of immovable property in state or municipal ownership and leased by small and medium business” from 22.07.2008 No. 159-FZ, this decision of the Regional Arbitration Court entered at present. The cinema building and the land under it have been purchased by the Limited Liability Company, the modern cinema is operating normally”, summed up the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev.

Автор: OS, YM
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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