The Moscow Region entrepreneurs will be told about business digitalization within the framework of the forum "Digital Technologies for Business".

On November 14th of 2020 an online forum "Digital Technologies for Business" will take place. 

  Existing entrepreneurs and those who are just starting their own business will be able to take part in discussions and master classes held by specialists from tech companies People Pass & Check-in, Just Now, Umbrella IT, Un Spo, Bianca and others. The event was organized with the support of the Moscow Region Ministry of Investment, Industry and Science  and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

    According to the Moscow Region Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev, online sales of products and services have become the most relevant way of doing business today.

    “The 2020 year has shown in practice - those who have managed to restructure and transfer their business from offline to online mode will be able to develop successfully.  That is why it is vitally important for those who do business or are just planning to join the business community to learn how to feel confident in the digital environment”, Vladimir Golovnev emphasized.

    The following topics will be discussed at the forum: transferring sales from offline to online, working with large volumes of information, digital marketing, chat bots, Internet trends and new ways to engage the target audience.

    There will be speakers at the event: Maxim Kutuzov - CEO People Pass & Check-in, Stella Svyatskaya – Marketing director & Partner Just Now (ex Mars, Philipp Morris – Digital Head), David Tashchyan - co-owner of the Bianca dry cleaning chain, Mikhail Menshinsky - General Director of Umbrella IT, Anton Tarasov – Product Owner UnSpo. The Forum moderator Mikhail Khomich - Deputy Prime Minister of the Udmurt Republic will be shared with the region experience.

    Participation in the Forum is free.  To access the broadcast and all materials, you must register on the project website: http: //mybusiness-forum.rf.  The program of the event and all the details can be found on the website, as well as using the tags #mybusiness, #mineteam, #Moscow Region For Business.  The forum will take place on November 14th from 11:00 a. m. to 16:00 p. m.

    Participants will also be able to chat with representatives of the business community, take part in a team business game, collect points for passed tests and exchange them for prizes.  The most active ones will receive individual trainings with leading experts, as well as cash certificates that can be spent on developing their business.

Автор: OS, YM
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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