The practice of carrying out preventive measures in the Moscow Region was discussed at a joint meeting of the regional Business Ombudsman and the Prosecutor of the region.

One of the main tasks in carrying out control and supervisory measures is the prevention of violations. Representatives of state agencies discussed how this activity is implemented in the Moscow Region at a joint meeting of the Expert Council under the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Moscow Region and the Interdepartmental Working Group on the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs of the Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Region.

Currently, supervisory activities in the Moscow Region are carried out by 15 regional departments within the framework of 39 types of control and supervision (7 – federal, 31 – regional and 1 type of municipal control).

According to the Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Region, in 2023 out of 7.5 thousand planned inspections more than half were rejected, out of 913 unscheduled inspections only 27% were approved.

"The most common reasons for refusals are still the lack of grounds for their conduct and the non-compliance of the submitted documents with the requirements for the established form," the prosecutor of the Moscow Region Sergey Zabaturin noted in his speech.

He also stressed that taking into account the restrictions imposed on scheduled inspections, special attention is paid to the quality, validity and effectiveness of the use of preventive measures introduced by Federal Law No. 248-FL.

"Since 2022, the control (supervisory) bodies have carried out more than 220 thousand preventive measures. At the same time, there are significant shortcomings in the work of the control officials. For example, the official websites contain irrelevant information about the liability measures applied in case of violation of mandatory requirements, texts and lists of regulatory legal acts regulating the implementation of state control. During the consultation, the specialists of the departments do not fully explain the norms of the current legislation, in some cases they do not answer questions in the field of compliance with mandatory requirements," Zabaturin said.

The latter thesis was also confirmed by the study of the Moscow Business Ombudsman Vladimir Golovnev, whose main task was to investigate the implementation of the provisions of Federal Law No. 248-FL in terms of accessibility, quality and perception of counseling.

"Our colleagues – heads of public reception offices and entrepreneurs – made more than 200 calls to 15 state authorities during May," Vladimir Golovnev commented.

The Commissioner also noted the main shortcomings of the work of the control and supervisory bodies identified during the study.

So, for a number of participants, it was difficult to find a contact phone number on the official website for consultation. Despite the high information content of the official sites, the participants were not always able to get through to the detected numbers, either from the first or from the "fifth" time. Not every caller was able to get a consultation, instead it was suggested to prepare a written appeal or "search for information yourself."

"All this despite the fact that counseling, according to entrepreneurs of the Moscow Region, is the most effective type of prevention," the Business Ombudsman stressed.

He cited the results of a survey of more than 400 regional entrepreneurs, in which the business assessed the effectiveness of preventive measures.

"In this regard, I would like to draw the attention of control and supervisory authorities to the implementation of the provisions established by Federal Law No. 248-FL. They should posting and keeping up-to–date on official websites information on ways to obtain advice on compliance with mandatory requirements and conducting such consultations by officials not formally, but professionally," Vladimir Golovnev summed up.

Автор: OS, EH
Источник: Пресс-служба Владимира Головнева


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